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Metal Dome Array
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    Metal Dome Arrays which may incorporate a large number of domes in a pattern to carter different custom application

    Working principle : The snap dome is located at the conductive part on the PCB (most of which is above the gold finger on the PCB). When pressed, the central dimple of the

    dome is concave and contacts the circuit on the PCB , Thus, the circuit is formed, and the current passes through, and the whole product can work successfully .

    Fix the Metal dome by adhesive PET Film. In accordance with customer s requirement ,from products' structure, it can divided into : Single -layer ,Double-Layer, UV,Silver printing,Membrane Panel and etc

    Metal Dome Array is mainly sorted by :
    A. (Yellow):High-temperature resist material , proceed SMT in the short time .
    B. (Transparent) : Convenient to position alignment
    C. (White) :normally used for Light-guide-film, reflection function
    D. (Silver Printing):Grounding anti-static effect .
    E. (Black) :normally used for light-block

    Remove polyester with adhesive and paste it on the PCB board. Then press it lightly and it will stick firmly on the board.

    Note: Be sure to tear the polyester , The outer layer of polyester has no adhesion performance. It plays a protective role in the process of production, transportation and storage


    Item Description TECHNICAL INDEX
    Shape Type : Round , Oblong , 4-legged , Trianglar , Rectangular , Irregular
    Appearance Treatment Type : Stainless Steel ,Nickel plated , Silver Plated , Gold plated
    Dimple numbers : 0/1/3/4/5
    Life-time : 300~5000K Hits
    Force & Click Ratio : In compare of initial value , the change rate<30% after 1M hits


    Click % Force:100gf~450gf , Tolerance :+/-20gf
    Click Ratio :50+/-10% ,
    3 Stroke Custom in accordance with Customer's requirement
    4 Dimension Tolerance Position dimension tolearance :+/-0.1mm



    Under the conditions of 55±2°C , R.H. 95%,Replacement 24H , resume 2H under the normal room temperature



    High Temp. can bear : +70°C

    Low Temp. can bear : -40°C

    7 Tape Adhesive Test 0.6↑(unit : kgf/inch)

    Stable adhesive

    Shrinkage Rate

    MD(%):0.5↓ CD(%):0.3↓

    Small Instantant

    Contact Resistance

    Nickel Plating <1Ω Stainless Steel <3Ω

    Total Thickness

    of Base Material

    0.05mm,0.075mm,0.1mm,0.15mm for normal thickness Spec.
    11 Light-Guide Film Uniformity >75%


    Q1: Are you Trading company or manufacturer ?

    A: We are a Professional Trading & Manufacturer Integrated .

    Q2 : Can you offer OEM Service ?

    A: Surely Okay , we have Seasoned OEM service experience .

    Q3: what is the Lead time of sample ?

    A : It takes 2-7working days depends .

    Q4: How fast can i get the Quotation ?

    A: 30mins ~ 24Hours depends .

    Please do not hesitate to contact with us , if you have any inquires .

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