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  • Metal Dome FPC KeypadEMI SilkScreen PrintingLight guide plate Luminous labelMembrane switch Die-cutting
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  • Mower membrane switch operation panel

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    Product model:
  • GHD20240629001
  • Product launch:
  • Jun 29, 2024
  • brief introduction:
  • The film panel switch integrates the Membrane switch , panel function legend, mark, trademark, transparent window and display window , with multi-lay integrated sealing structure, which are widely used in : Medical instruments, vehicle instruments, office equipment, home appliances, instruments and other fields
  • Membrane switch panel is intergrated into TEXT mark 、Characters、or Trademark etc  together into functional keypad . Printing legend on the apperance of PVC、PC、PET and related  material substance , and paste the specific adhesive backside , finally it will have good characters of Water-proof 、Anti-deformation ,High-Temperature Resist , and Strong adhesive

    Guanghongda technology can provide a variety of convex methods: 1) Round Shape Embossing 2)Pan shape Embossing 3)Edge convex 4) Button shape Embossing (Customized) 5) Flat Keypad Generally , if there’s no special specification comment ,we’ll consider Round Shape Embossing by default unless otherwise specified . also can accept to custom as per request

    Thickness ≥ 0.7mm
    Lifetime ≥ 800000 times
    Beautiful appearance, good sealing, convenient assembly, low cost and longer lifetime

    It is widely used in intelligent electronic measuring instruments, electronic weighing instruments, household appliances and electronic communication, industrial automation systems, even in the field of the most advanced aerospace technology and military equipment

    Thickness ≥ 0.7mm
    Lifetime ≥ 1000000 times
    Good waterproof & dustproof performance
    As per customer's requirement to design in accordance with color、pattern 、button(shape&size), has the advantage of lower cost & longer lifetime

    The thickness of membrane switch is more than 0.8mm
    The lifetime is about 500000 times
    It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, stable performance, reliable operation, clear contact, uniform strength, low loop resistance and reliable interface
    It is usually used in the equipment and instruments which require high resistance and reliability

    Total thickness is around 0.8mm, thickness can be increased as per design request
    Keypad lifetime > = 800K times
    In accordance with customer's requirement,to choose different colors & brightness of LED lamp

    LED backlight membrane switch is a kind of membrane switch with unique appearance design and backlight effect,To use the working principle of uminescence measurement of Side-lighting,In comparison of traditional EL backlight , it's no needdriven

    EL luminescence principle: El electroluminescence technology is different from that of ordinary light-emitting products from heat energy to light energy. This kind of light has no temperature, so it is also called cold light source

    Membrane switch panel is widely used in : Intelligent Electronic Instruments, Medical Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Post and Telecommunications, Copier, Microwave Oven, Rice Cooker, Washing Machine, Video Game Machine & other industrial and household appliances

    Membrane Switch Keyboard Construct
    Description Finish Specification
    Graphic Overlay



    Gloss 0.175/.25/.35/.5 mm thickness
    Matt 0.175/.25/.35/.5 mm thickness
    PET (polyester) Fine Texture 0.15/.20 mm thickness (Autotex F150/F200, imported)
    Velvet Texture 0.15/.20 mm thickness (Autotex V150/V200, imported)
    Gloss with Hard Coat 0.18 mm thickness
    Top Adhesive PET Double-sided adhesive


    /200MP/ 9080MP



    0.10/.22/.28 mm thickness
    Paper Double-sided Tape 0.10 mm thickness
    Transfer Tape 0.06/.12 mm thickness
    Electrical Properties
    Operating Voltage ≤50VDC
    Working Current ≤100 mA
    Loop Resistance <200 Ω
    Expected Life (Flat) ≥5 Million times
    Expected Life ( Metal dome) ≥1 Million times
    Mechanica Properties
    Operation Force ( Flat) 57~284g(2~10oz)
    Operation Force ( Tactile ) 130g~Customerized (6~) Metal dome can accept customized as request
    Operation Height ( Flat) 0.1~0.5mm
    Operation Height ( Tactile ) 0.6~1.5mm ( related of chosen metal dome force)
    Environment Parameter
    Operation Temperature -40~+80 degree centigrade
    Storage Temperature -10~+85 degree centigrade
    Humidity 90%~95%,240hours
    Atmospheric Pressure 80~108kda

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